Choosing The Right Wallpaper For Independent Theatres

It has become increasingly popular for people to turn their own homes into an independent theatre. All they need to start is a space large enough for a performance. They could put on a show privately for their friends and family. Alternatively they may wish to sell tickets to people in the local community.

In order for the independent theatre to be successful it needs to be well decorated. The walls should be given particular focus as they will be in the audience’s eye line. The site Family Wallpapers can supply wall décor for new theatre spaces. They have plenty of options to choose from. If the designer is unsure of which to go for then they can begin by picking from the following schemes.

Images Of The Performance

If the independent theatre owner wants to emphasise the show being put on then they could fill the walls with pictures of it. The website allows users to upload their own images and print them as wall murals. Doing so would allow potential audience members to see what the performance entails. Therefore it can be utilised as an effective marketing tool.

William Morris Patterns

William Morris style artwork is ideal for making an interior feel both vintage and timeless. This type of wallpaper will give the independent theatre a cosy atmosphere. If audience members feel at ease in these environments they will be more likely to return for another show. William Morris patterns are colourful and warm. They tend to be influenced by nature.

Plain Patternless Wallpaper

On the other hand it is sometimes better to go for something more minimalist. Some theatre owners may worry that overly colourful wallpaper will distract people from the on-stage action. If this is the case then they could instead opt for wall décor that has no pattern. The colour may be neutral so that it blends in well with the rest of the interior design elements.

Gold Colours

The owner may wish to mimic the styles of some of the most famous West End theatres. Their interiors tend to have ornate and extravagant decorations. Gold is usually the most dominant colour. Therefore gold wallpaper is a very viable stylistic option. It will help to make the space seem classy to those who come to watch the shows.