Preparing Children for Theater Etiquette

When young ones are taught about etiquette at home, these lessons then are applied to when they are in public settings such as at the theater.

How to Teach Etiquette at Home

Some of the greatest lessons can be taught around the dinner table when it comes to etiquette. However, the atmosphere has to be right for this. The best way to create an excellent environment is with the proper tableware and home décor. It means investing in quality Iittala products

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How Home Products Can Be Used as a Learning Tool

When the table is set with quality items such as fine glassware and exciting accessories, it grabs the children’s attention. This allows you to be able to tie in lessons about etiquette. For example, suppose you use some of the Iittala decorations as a centerpiece. In that case, the children can be taught to appreciate but not touch them. This is a lesson that can be carried over in the theater setting. The children will understand that they should not feel the seats in front of them as they will disturb others watching the movie. When they learn not to touch certain items, they appreciate this when told not to do so in a public setting such as a theater.

A quality table setting can create a calming environment. With the use of a linen tablecloth and some quality dishes, it takes away from the general at home type of atmosphere. This gives the kids a sense of what being out in a public setting would be like. If they are taught to follow some simple table rules, these will also be applied to the theater setting, such as staying in their seats and using their inner voice.