How Theatres Can Utilise Picture Frames

Many people may assume that the quality of a performance will dictate the overall impression of the theatre where it is being held. However, patrons will often make up their mind about a theatre based on the interior design. Plenty of time will be spent analysing elements of it whilst picking tickets up from the box office, queuing for seats and waiting for the show to begin.

It is therefore very important that the right wall décor is used. Some theatres spend millions of pounds on refurbishments. However, sometimes it is better to choose more cost effective changes. Desenio supplies high quality and affordable poster frames. These can be utilised by theatres in a number of effective ways.

Stating Rules

If audience members and actors are distracted by unruly patrons it can ruin the entire performance. For this reason many theatres have specific rules posters on the walls. Common ones include no talking, phones or re-entry being permitted. Posters might also state that anyone found breaking rules will be ejected. Such messages could be placed into the picture frames from Desenio so that they cannot be damaged or lost. This will save the theatre having to constantly reprint them.

Listing Prices

Plenty of theatres are sadly struggling due to financial pressures. As a result a lot of them choose to obtain an alcohol license so that extra revenue can be generated. The prices for drinks are usually clearly visible on posters close to the bar. An ornate looking frame will help to draw attention to them.

Advertising Upcoming Performances

Once the theatre has people flocking inside they will want to continue this by advertising new shows. A graphic designer may be hired to create a poster for upcoming performances. Once again, it is a good idea to protect these inside a Desenio picture frame.

Filling Empty Spaces

The last thing a theatre needs is a bare and uninteresting wall space. Placing images onto it will liven up the establishment. This will also make the theatre seem more inviting.