Going for a Movie Date Night at the Theatre

Since time immemorial, having a theatre date has been a preferred option for many people. It comes with very little pressure. It provides a suitable environment where you and your date can enjoy time together without having a lot of conversation. It is always an ideal choice for those going on a first or second date and taking things slow. The idea of having a date night at a theatre sounds simple, but there is a lot that goes into planning the perfect evening.

Having a Perfect Theatre Movie Date

  • Agree on the movie type: You first need to know your date’s preference before you decide to book a particular showing. Imagine how awkward it would be to choose a sci-fi themed movie only to learn that your date hates them. Always suggest the kind of films or plays that are being shown so that they can tell you if it is something they would enjoy.
  • Buy the tickets if you are the one asking: This might be controversial, and there have been a lot of interesting conversations on who should pay the bill on a date and how it affects the future of the relationship. To be on the safe side, just pay for the tickets if you are the one asking them out.
  • Keep your hands to yourself: It is a movie night. Focus on the show. There will be a lot of time for the cuddling and kissing (hopefully) on later dates. As soon as the theatre lights are dimmed, resist the urge to start touching; well, unless that was what the date was about.

In essence, get engrossed in the moment. Create memories at the theatre. Focus on the show so that you have things to talk about after you leave the theatre.