The Best Rugs for Theatres

The theatre industry is struggling, with many establishments barely making enough money to remain open. This is especially true for smaller theatres that do not have the substantial customer traffic that West End ones do. There are many ways for these places to increase public interest. First and foremost, the shows should be enticing and of high quality. The interior design will also say a lot about a theatre. Rugs from TrendCarpet can completely change the atmosphere of lobbies for the better.

Creating a Distinct Brand

In recent years theatres have tried to distinguish themselves from rivals by decorating in unique ways. For example, patchwork rugs from TrendCarpet might be utilised. If the floor décor is distinctive, it will have a positive effect on overall branding. When the general public chooses which theatre to patronise, they will likely opt for ones that have the most exciting interiors. However, managers need to ensure that they do not cross the line into tacky territory.

Staying Consistent With a Colour Scheme

When choosing a rug, it is helpful to analyse other elements within the theatre. Ideally, they should all conform to one specific colour scheme rather than being a mishmash of hues. This helps to create consistency which in turn elevates the look of theatre in the eyes of patrons. There is a wide range of themes to choose from. Red hues are often favoured by classic theatres.

Rugs for the Stage

Floor décor is not just crucial for the lobby of the theatre. Depending on the nature of the play, rugs may need to be purchased for the stage itself. TrendCarpet provides non-slip options. These will be very useful for theatres that are concerned about the safety of their actors. They can be found in the Kitchen Rug section of the site.