Suspension of disbelief in theatre

Anyone who has been to the theatre will know how important the suspension of disbelief is to the enjoyment of a play. If the people on stage can’t convincingly play their characters, then the spell will be broken and the magic of theatre will be lost. This means that all sorts of elements have to come together to create an effective illusion. There are many things that actors can do in order to play a part. This article will explore some of them.

Surgery and augmentation

If an actor feels that their body is making it difficult for them to land parts that will allow them to advance their career, then they may opt for surgery. Companies like have made procedures such as breast augmentation far more accessible and affordable than they previously were. For actors who feel that their body has made it hard for their career to progress, breast augmentation can be an excellent investment that will quickly pay off in the form of better roles and greater confidence on stage.


What an actor wears is also incredibly important. Costumes need to match the style and era of the play and most theatre production companies have entire teams of people whose job it is to get this right. Finding the right costume can be particularly tricky for productions set outside the modern era and on some occasions, bespoke clothing may have to be made from scratch. There is also the issue of creating clothing that is practical and easy for the people on stage to change in and out of between scenes. All of this adds up to an incredibly important job for the teams who look after costumes.

Dialogue and acting

Of course, the quality of acting will also help to determine whether or not the audience is drawn into the story that they are watching. Sufficient rehearsal time is very important as otherwise the production is likely to be low quality and littered with the types of small mistakes that break the suspension of disbelief and take the audience out of the play.