Musical Theatre

One thing rings true for all the people who take a part in a musical theatre performance – no matter if they’re barefoot, or wearing a ballet shoe, they are more than just actors, more than just singers, more than just dancers. The old saying that the whole is more than just the sum of its parts seems to be especially true if we are talking about musical theatre. Like anyone who has ever witnessed a stellar performance from these artists can testify, a good musical theatre performance somehow manages to be more than just a mere play. It is a unique thing, unlike anything else you might experience anywhere else,

Ballerinas on stage

All the world is a stage, and there is no place where this rings truer than musical theatre, There, you can see actors and performers portraying people in all sorts of situations, coming from all walks of life, talking, whispering, shouting, and singing. Pouring their hearts put in a play, and doing their best to express a gamut of feelings, football boots to tap shoes, it doesn’t matter what their footwear is. What matters is the passion they put into the project that they’re a part of, and the effort they put into conveying different emotions through different situations, bringing us as the audience along with them on an emotional ride that would end up with a feeling of catharsis, a feeling that the folks on stage went through something larger than life, and that we were lucky enough to join them along the way, hopefully emerging as different, possibly better people on the other end, once the curtain goes down on the musical theatre’s stage.

Theatre audience awaiting curtain call