Home Theatres

Going to the theatre should be a special occasion when you can attend a sumptuous meal and refreshing cocktails before and after the show. Above all, you need to be comfortable during the performance with good seating so you will not suffer back pain during a lengthy presentation. However, the recent pandemic has led us to reappraise our approach and discover alternative ways of entertainment. Many shows are available as film adaptations or faithful reproductions, and watching theatre in your own home has never been easier. Why not consider setting aside a room or space in your home where you can watch theatre productions in comfort? If you have tired old furniture from Ikea, then Bemz can help you to recover items such as sofas with ease and at a low cost.

Why Consider Bemz?

Bemz can supply you with a vast selection of covers to refurbish your old Ikea furniture, which is a better environmentally-friendly way than discarding your old items in a skip. All you have to do is enter the style into the website, and a wide selection is instantly available in a variety of colours. This company can also supply you with mattress covers, bedspreads, bean bag covers and bed skirts, so while you are setting up your new home theatre, you can also consider sprucing up your decor at the same time.

If you like to have a go yourself, then Bemz offers fabrics, curtains, cushion covers, and furniture legs. You can even order fabric samples to ensure that your choice is correct for the entertainment area you are creating. Of course, theatres will open again, but it is handy to have your own space to view previous and live shows of your choice. You can also watch your favourite movie-themed productions and TV programmes. If you are looking to reinvigorate old Ikea furniture that is sometimes no longer available, then Bemz is the site for you.


The pandemic has changed our attitudes and behaviour, but theatres will always have a special place in our hearts. Nothing can replace a live show but watching your chosen productions on a home screen is the next best thing. Why not save money and do your bit for the environment by bringing to life some old furniture and changing its style to fit in with your home surroundings? If you think of Ikea, then also think of Bemz, who will provide you with exacting products to make even the most worn-out sofa look brand new again. Why not alternate visits to the theatre with some home screened productions for your friends and family?