Why Watching Movies in a Theatre is Worth it

Streaming services have pushed theatre revenues to a record low. Many movie lovers now prefer to curl up in front of their favourite movies and watch from home. While things might look gloomy, it does not mean that going to the theatre is dead. There are still some things that a movie theatre gives you that you may not get if you watched from home. Here are some reasons why you should still go to the movie theatre when you can:

  • You watch from a big screen: There is something about watching movies on a big screen that makes them more interesting and real. You see the pictures coming to life and you get an experience that you would not have otherwise gotten if you were peering into your computer or small screen.
  • Form of self-care: It is always advisable to take some time and engage in some self care in whichever form. Sometimes, all you need is to take a long shower, dress up and head to the theatre. You can also go to the theatre as a way to bond with your friends or as part of a date.
  • You feel people’s emotions: Sometimes what makes movies interesting is that you get to experience people’s emotions. You see how they react when a scene comes on, and you feel the universality of their reaction. It gets even more interesting when they feel the same thing that you are feeling. It is like watching with a group of friends.
  • Better focus: When you are watching movies at home, you tend to get distracted. You may find yourself always pausing the movie to get drinks, answer calls or even have a peek at your social media. When put together, these distractions end up interfering with how you ultimately appreciate the movie. When you are at a theatre you will be solely focused on the movie and, by the time it is over, you will have fully followed and appreciated the narrative.